Luxury Beachfront in Puerto Morelos starting at $155k USD

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Let the technology take you straight to the Riviera Maya and explore the most stunning assets of this Mexican Caribbean Paradise. (Tulum, Playa del Carmen and the surrounding area)

Episode 3. Top 10 Properties of the Riviera Maya. Luxury Beachfront in Puerto Morelos starts at $155,000 USD.

Hey guys this is Rome and today we’re going to be looking at one of the most impressive properties in the Riviera

Maya why is it so impressive two words luxury beachfront this is for the sort of person that doesn’t mind paying a little bit extra for the best and most luxurious property in the Riviera Maya and wants a premium five-star hotel feel to their prom.

If you value comfort lifestyle and want a worry-free ownership experience that keeps watching because this property just for you let’s take a look at the top three reasons why this is on my top 10 list of properties in the Rivera Maya let’s go take a look.

The first reason this is on my top ten list of properties in the Rivera Maya is its location this development is located in the enchanted little fishing village of Puerto Morelos just 20 minutes away from Cancun’s International Airport just 20 minutes away from Playa del Carmen and just about an hour away from Zillow it is directly in front of the world’s second-largest and most active coral reef system which is great for snorkeling and diving.

The second reason this is on my top 10 list is the concept here the idea here is worry-free ownership the developer here is a European company that just recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and this is one of the most luxurious developments in the whole Riviera Maya this development takes you from beautiful architecture and design to delicious gourmet food and drink this development has five-star four-diamond service.

The amenities here are amazing one of my favorites is the private beach club this gives you this exclusive feel to it paddleboarding kayaking snorkeling diving and all that sort of fun stuff you also have to infinity pools one down below and one up above and the rooftop both with views to the ocean. You have a concierge that will book your tours and restaurant reservations for you. Have a delicious coffee shop and three gourmet restaurants spa fitness center and room service underground parking 24-hour security and a receptionist.

The third reason this is on my top ten list of properties in the Riviera Maya is the business model here the philosophy here is worry-free ownership meaning everything is taken care of for you.

This development is run as a five-star four-diamond hotel past rental administrators for this developer have been being brand names like Hilton and charisma now that they have all the experience now they’re doing it themselves.

The rental program here guarantees that your fixed monthly property expenses are paid electricity internet cable water homeowners insurance and property taxes it also covers your monthly maintenance fee and just about anything else you can think of. Okay so let’s do a walk-through of the point of one of those showrooms as you know it’s under construction it’ll be done in June 2020 we will be visiting two of its sister developments by the same developer just so you get a better idea of what to expect.

This is the enchanting little fishing village of Puerto Morelos I was telling you about this property is due to be delivered by June 2020 and the starting price here is a hundred and fifty-five thousand US dollars this is a one-bedroom showroom and remember this comes fully furnished and equipped with high-end finishings and furniture the rental program here makes things so easy it even includes remodeling and re furnishings don’t forget to get a better look at this property by taking the 360 virtual tour links down below.

Everything’s been thought of here and all that’s left to be done is to come and enjoy and enjoying is easy here when you’re so close to the beach and you can hear the waves and smell the sand. Let’s take a look at another development from the same developer just so you get a better idea of how this all will turn out this development is located in Playa del Carmen and serves as a benchmark for luxury condo-hotels and its easy to see why.

With nine gourmet restaurants five pools and award-winning architecture and design full fitness center and spa this
is the quality you can expect from this developer.

Here is an example of another development by the same developer and this will give you an even better idea of the style that their latest under construction development will have fine dining with owners club areas modern finishings and design and colorful cultural touches.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this episode of top ten properties in the Rivera Maya don’t forget to check out all the additional info down below like 360 virtual tours of the showroom and 360 virtual tours of the beach directly in front of this new development and remember to subscribe to this youtube channel and hit the notification bell for alerts on upcoming property videos and feel free to browse all the best properties in the Riviera Maya. My name is Raul Morales and I work doing Real Estate stuff. Is like my hoppy you know.

Thanks for watching and let’s be neighbors soon!


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